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About Us

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Whether you are a fan of jazz music or not, if you live in Brooklyn, NY, you may have already heard of Eric Frazier. A native of Harlem, Eric Frazier is a world-acclaimed jazz musician who has maintained his reputation as an exceptional live jazz musician in Brooklyn, by continuously producing masterful blues and jazz music. Now, he is making his mark in jazz music production.

Eric Frazier Productions is the latest iteration of Eric Frazier’s eclectic and expanding repertoire of talent. From producing world-class jazz, blues, Broadway, reggae, and even calypso music, to conducting lectures, presentations, and workshops on jazz music at many colleges and universities, Eric Frazier Productions seeks to revive the vibrant culture and sound of classic blues music and jazz music production through mentorship, promotion, and collaboration.

If you live in Brooklyn, it’s easy to check out Eric Frazier’s talent at his monthly open-mic sessions at Rustik Tavern. There, you have the chance to see a world-traveled, live jazz musician that has trained himself over the course of his life to master the conga drum, djembe drum, trap drums, African dance, and tap. His music is distinctly American jazz with a strong root in the soul-stirring percussion of Africa.

Drop by Eric Frazier Productions in Brooklyn and talk to them about their jazz and blues music production services!