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One of the purest roots of classic American music is embodied in the blues. For centuries, the distant remnants of the African roots of black Americans has survived in an ever-evolving sound that is famous the world over. So many different genres of American music find their roots in blues music, from R&B to rock &roll to hip-hop, the blues greats of the last century laid the foundation for today’s modern American music.

Traditionally based in improvisation and sorrowful moans of brass horns and piano keys, one doesn’t typically equate blues music with drums. Yet, that is precisely the uniqueness that Eric Frazier’s music brings to the blues. As a blues musician with decades of training mastering a variety of percussions, particularly African drums, this blues musician has added his own distinctive flavor that gives his blues music its originality and style.

Now, you can come to Eric Frazier Productions in Brooklyn, NY for blues music production with a blues impresario with a proven record of producing superb blues music. Whether you are a novice blues musician looking to be produced or you are seasoned pro, Eric Frazier Productions offers you an extraordinary inside edge to breaking into the music business.

At Eric Frazier Productions, Eric Frazier goes the extra mile to ensure that your blues music production is industry quality that will be taken seriously by well-known record companies. As a recording artist with a list of hits as a blues musician that you can count on, his expertise will guide you through the sometimes daunting maze of commercial blues music production.

Conveniently located in Brooklyn, in the heart of this historic blues district, Eric Frazier Productions is the top-drawer recording studio that you need to really make your music shine! Make an appointment right now to book a live recording session!