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For over a decade, Eric Frazier has been producing top-notch jazz all over the country and around the world. As an entrepreneur, he has invested his time and talent into creating Eric Frazier Productions in Brooklyn, NY to support and produce local jazz talent.

One of the highlights of each year is the Fort Greene Park Jazz Festival in Brooklyn. It is an event that came directly from the mind of Eric Frazier. The park, located in the neighborhood in which he grew up, has been the site for many legendary artists to visit, including James Baldwin, Chris Rock, Erykah Badu, Spike Lee, and John Steinbeck, just to name a few.

It’s an ideal spot and a lifelong dream of the founder of Eric Frazier Productions to feature jazz at the park, right in his Brooklyn neighborhood. In the shadow of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Historical Society, and Barclay Center, The Fort Greene Jazz Festival is strategically placed in a neighborhood that has been home to many of the jazz greats of old, like Max Roach, Slide Hampton, and Randy Weston, as well as contemporary greats, like Branford and Wynton Marsalis and ToshiReagon.

Jazz continues to have a great influence on American culture as the soundtrack of many movie scores and animation series, and commercial jazz has become a very lucrative niche in the music industry. Eric Frazier Productions offers jazz music production in a studio for any jazz musician with the talent and the drive to make a quality piece of art.

Now is the time to start getting those ideas down on a track. What better way to do it than to try Eric Frazier Productions, right here in Brooklyn, for expert guidance and jazz music production that will showcase your strengths! Call today to book a jazz musician and ensemble for your next event or set up a time to produce music at their studio!