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As a jazz musician, Eric Frazier knows talent when he sees it. That’s why he established Eric Frazier Productions in Brooklyn, NY, to tap into the fertile Brooklyn music scene to help those that are serious about becoming professional musicians by providing access to the jazz music production services of, perhaps, the most successful contemporary jazz and blues musician around.

Whether you are interested in hiring a jazz musician, blues musician, or you are looking for a place that offers jazz music production, Eric Frazier Productions can do it for you! As a live jazz musician, Eric Frazier has a long and impressive portfolio of festival performances and live concerts, which have afforded him the opportunity to build strong business relations with many of the industry’s leading performers and jazz music production companies.

Of course, while Eric Frazier Productions is focused on producing jazz music for other jazz musicians, he is always busy working on his own craft, as well. From his many U.S. and international festivals and music tours, to collaborating with other successful musicians, Eric Frazier knows what it takes to successfully produce a jazz musician, so that their CD or DVD gets made and its fair shot in the limelight.

That’s why Eric Frazier Productions is willing to assist almost any jazz or blues musician in Brooklyn – the only qualification is that you have to be ready to really do it right when you enlist the services of Eric Frazier Productions. These are first-rate performers and business people with connections to insiders within the music industry. If you have the wherewithal to see it through, you will find success as a musician.

Let Eric Frazier Productions help to make your dreams of becoming a world-class, live jazz musician a reality with their CD, DVD, and poster design services!